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Express credit without information – Who is the best provider?

Whether it is an unexpected bill fluttering into the house or the car is broken, which urgently needs repair: There are costs that do not require any delay and must be covered as quickly as possible. But for many it is not so easy to handle such unexpected expenses with the financial resources available. If, in addition, a negative private credit bureau rating is added, the prospect of a bank loan is more than low. Some providers have specialized in the awarding of an emergency loan without private credit bureau information.

A quick loan without private credit bureau: Which possibilities and variants are open to you? How do you get the best deal? Our editors have taken a close look at the best providers of express loans without private credit bureau!

Facts about the best provider for urgent loans without private credit bureau

  • Caxger arranges express loans without private credit bureau
  • The provider deliberately waives a private credit bureau query
  • Loan up to € 7,500 possible
  • Depending on the credit rating, the annual percentage rate is between 5.29 percent pa and 15.95 percent pa
  • Lenders are providers from home and abroad

We explain about emergency loans!

Anyone who has to bridge financial shortages in the short term has the option to use an urgent loan. These types of loans are characterized by a fast processing and a prompt credit. Urgent loans are usually only given online, because only then is a fast and uncomplicated transaction feasible. Express loans are now part of the offer of many banks. However, it becomes difficult when the creditworthiness of the borrower is rather poor. Because for the approval of a loan in most cases a flawless credit rating is an absolute prerequisite. But it is not impossible to get a loan even with a negative private credit bureau rating. Some companies also offer an express loan without private credit bureau query.

Caxger is a professional service provider in the private customer business. In addition to loans on attractive terms, the company also offers real estate financing. Caxger is working as an independent service provider with leading German and European banks in close cooperation. Loan requests are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on public holidays. The company was awarded a TÜV quality seal for its work.

Express credit without private credit bureau query: possible with Caxger

The credit broker Caxger mediates in addition to traditional loans and loans independent of private credit bureau.The company deliberately waives a query, because even this leads to a note. Lending via Caxger remains a private affair between lender and borrower. The application is fast and easy online. The customer receives a confirmation immediately. Subsequently, the signed loan agreement with the proof of income must be returned to Caxger. The company has a large number of trusted domestic and foreign providers, with whom we have worked successfully for many years. Based on the customer’s data and loan request, a suitable lender is selected.

Caxger ensures a very fast processing. The company works and handles all loan requests, including weekends and bank holidays. As far as the conditions are concerned, they can also be seen. The APR varies considerably between 5.29 percent pa and 15.95 percent pa The interest rate on which the loan is ultimately granted depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. At Caxger, at least 3,000 euros and a maximum of 250,000 euros can be borrowed. For urgent loans without private credit bureau information, a maximum of 7,500 euros can be borrowed. Customers who want to terminate their loan early, ie before the end of the agreed term, can do this anytime. An immediate repayment of the loan is possible at Caxger free of charge and without restrictions.

Our conclusion: Caxger arranges loans even without private credit bureau

Via the credit broker Caxger, customers with a negative private credit bureau entry can also get a loan. The provider waives a private credit bureau query and for the approval of a loan the age of majority of the customer and a regular income are required. The company distinguishes itself by a fast processing of the credit inquiries. Caxger works around the clock, including holidays and weekends. The interest on the loan depends on the creditworthiness of the customer. The better this is, the lower the annual percentage rate.